Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Stew

This Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Stew takes just 30 minutes from start to finish! The thick and creamy broth is full of flavor and is great with bread or biscuits! 


I don’t know why it took me so long to try my Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Stew recipe in the Instant Pot. I think it’s a case of Instant Pot intimidation. But the more I use this thing, the more I realize that there really isn’t all that much to it! I was a bit afraid that the this stew might not be quite as thick or as flavorful as it is when it’s made in the Crock Pot, but I was pleasantly surprised! It doesn’t lack in either of those areas, and it truly was ready in 30 minutes! Are you as psyched as I am about this!?