Mint Chocolate Cups

Okay, so, no big deal… but Christmas is less than two weeks away. (OMG.)

*Deep Breath*…it’s okay… it’s okay… I do this every year, I put off my shopping until the last minute. I always find a way. It’s fine.

First and foremost, thank you Lord for Amazon Prime. You bring gifts for people to my door, and you do it in two days. Thank you.

The only problem that Amazon can’t solve for me is figuring out WHAT to get for people. Like, what do I get for my daughter’s daycare teachers? A dang apple? No. The answer to that is no. Since when did apples get associated with teachers anyway? Children are our future, right? And teachers are molding the lovely pieces of kiddie clay that they are, right? And thank them by giving them apples? PFFFF.  (*Thank you* to all of the teachers out there by the way, you are my hero.)