Make-Ahead Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

I’ve gotta level with ya. The fact that I am just discovering these make-ahead freezer breakfast sandwiches now, hurts a little. I mean you wake up hungry, you grab one out of the freezer, and four minutes later, you’re eating. It’s magic. Especially for my husband, who finally has a hot breakfast to enjoy on his early-morning drive to work. And I’m just a straight-up superhero for making sure the freezer is fully stocked with them. (Which is obviously super-easy, but he doesn’t need to know that.)

Upon discovering these hidden gems, I realized that they needed to go on the blog right away. I’m envisioning lots of holiday travelers who might need a quick and easy breakfast that they can take in-tote. Problem solved! (And quite the money saver, somehow last time I got breakfast at McDonald’s it came to like, one million dollars. What the!?)