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Helloooo out there! I’m Stephanie, wanna be friends?

I love cheese, soup that is so hot it burns my tongue, salads loaded with goodies, reruns of The King of Queens, my giant pink pig slippers, and the Sister Act movies (yup).

I live in New Hampshire with my husband Mark, our toddler Taylor, and our Morkie Toby. I’m a full time corporate America girl who would appreciate about 55 more hours in the week (I know you hear that.)

Blogging about food is my ultimate happy place. I love to try new recipes and share the successful ones with you. Does this sometimes mean photographing a stack of cookies on a Saturday night because that’s just what beckons me? Yes. Yes it does.

Nighttime photo shoot sesh! #foodblogger #imadork #saturdaynight

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My recipes are simple, comforting, and family friendly. They cater to a crazy, full-time jobbing, toddler-chasing, joke-telling, cheese-loving, life. If you’re down with that, then I think we just became best friends.

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