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Cabbage and Sausage in a skillet with slices of carrots and parsley.

Cabbage and Sausage

This Cabbage and Sausage recipe is an easy 30-minute meal that you can make in a single skillet and serve with potatoes or rice! The ingredients are simple and...

A wooden spoon scooping up French Onion Pasta from a skillet.

French Onion Pasta

This cozy French Onion Pasta recipe has a rich and creamy sauce with caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, mushrooms, pancetta, and pasta! You can’t beat this gourmet-style dish!

Beef Lo Mein in a skillet with beef, noodles, and vegetables in sauce.

Beef Lo Mein

This Beef Lo Mein has savory noodles tossed in a delicious sauce with juicy beef and fresh vegetables. This is easy to make and even better than takeout! Be...

A soup pot of Broccoli Potato Soup with bacon on top and a ladle on the side.

Broccoli Potato Soup

This Broccoli Potato Soup has hints of bacon and cheese throughout the thick and flavorful broth. It’s made with the best flavor enhancers and seasonings, making every bite warm...

Pasta primavera in a skillet with a cream sauce and vegetables.

Pasta Primavera

This restaurant-quality pasta primavera has a delicious herb cream sauce with penne pasta and a ton of fresh vegetables. This is the best way to get your family to eat their veggies!...

Steak Bites in a skillet in a Garlic Butter Sauce with parley on top.

Steak Bites

These juicy Steak Bites are easy to make with the most amazing garlic butter sauce. Serve these as a main course with potatoes and vegetables, or as a fancy...

A skillet of Bacon Ranch Chicken with cheese, bacon and green onions on top.

Bacon Ranch Chicken

This Bacon Ranch Chicken has juicy chicken smothered in a zesty ranch sauce with melted cheese, crispy bacon, and diced green onions! This flavorful dish pairs really well with...

Marry Me Chicken in a skillet with a tomato cream sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach.

Marry Me Chicken Pasta

This Marry Me Chicken has pasta and juicy bites of chicken smothered in a tomato cream sauce with sundried tomatoes, spinach, garlic, white wine, and the best seasonings. You won’t...

Mushroom Chicken Pasta in a skillet with creamy sauce and spinach.

Mushroom Chicken Pasta

This Mushroom Chicken Pasta has juicy chicken, savory mushrooms, and  fresh spinach tossed in a delicious herb cream sauce! Make it with any kind of pasta for a restaurant-quality...

Slices of Chicken Roulade filled with Cheese, Broccoli, and Bacon.

Chicken Roulade

This Chicken Roulade recipe has a delicious broccoli cheese stuffing with crispy bacon! This recipe pairs perfectly with mashed potatoes and green beans and is a restaurant quality meal...

Chicken Taco Soup in a Dutch oven with corn, black beans, and lime slices.

Chicken Taco Soup

This Chicken Taco Soup combines the bold, flavorful essence of tacos with the cozy qualities of soup! It’s got classic Taco Seasonings in a savory broth with juicy chicken,...

Egg Muffins on a white plate with parsley and colorful fillings.

Egg Muffins

These easy Egg Muffins are a delicious, protein-packed way to start your day! They’re easy to make with endless filling options, including ham, bacon, sausage, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, cheddar,...

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