Salted Caramel Yogurt Fruit Dip

This easy Salted Caramel Fruit Dip takes minutes to make and tastes great with your favorite fruits! Just 3 simple ingredients and you’ve got a creamy afternoon snack for yourself, friends, or family!  

Course Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword Caramel Fruit Dip, Fruit Dip, Yogurt Fruit Dip
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 6
Calories 100 kcal
Author Stephanie


  • ½ cup heavy cream* see notes
  • 2 Tablespoons Caramel Sauce
  • 5.3 oz. Oikos® OH! Greek Yogurt Salt Dusted Caramel Crème variety
  • Fruit of choice for dipping
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  1. Add the caramel sauce to the heavy cream.

  2. Whip the heavy cream with an electric mixer until soft peaks form, about 5-7 minutes.

  3. Add the yogurt, and mix with the electric mixer for another 3-4 minutes.

  4. Use a silicone spatula to transfer to a serving bowl, and serve with your favorite fruits. Drizzle with additional caramel sauce if desired.

Recipe Notes

*You can also use 1 cup of pre-whipped whip cream.

You can make any flavored fruit dip with this yogurt, simply substitute the caramel sauce that you add to the heavy cream with ½ teaspoon vanilla extract.

Other Oikos® OH! TM Flavors include:

Storage: This fruit dip should be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 7 days.

Nutrition Facts
Salted Caramel Yogurt Fruit Dip
Amount Per Serving
Calories 100 Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Fat 7g11%
Saturated Fat 4g25%
Cholesterol 28mg9%
Sodium 39mg2%
Potassium 50mg1%
Carbohydrates 5g2%
Protein 3g6%
Vitamin A 290IU6%
Calcium 44mg4%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.