Happy New Year: A look back at my 1st year of blogging

Happy New Year

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! How was your celebration?! Mine was great- food, friends and fun. But aside from celebrating, lots of people, myself included, take this time to reflect. This time last year… I didn’t even have The Cozy Cook yet… and although I was food blogging, I think my recipe choices and food photos have come a long way. And though I’ll always have more to improve on, I like to think I’ve made some good progress so far. Foooorrrrr example. I believe this was the first photo that I ever took and posted of a recipe I made…


I mean, what IS that!? I tried to make homemade ravioli, it didn’t work, so I covered it with sauce & cheese and actually POSTED this crime scene. (Anndd thennnn probably threw it out.) Well- it’s a post of something I made right? Isn’t that what food blogging is? –Umm, no. That post was not helpful to you, or me, or to human kind at all EVER. Unless you want a prime example of what not to do, in which case, it’s totally serving that purpose.


Want more? Because I have more. How about these?

You could argue that they’re getting better… maybe. Not really though. My face is red.

Aside from my picture issue, I’ll admit that I was still in a “quantity over quality” mindset.

So my favorite part of this recollection process… gazing as some before and after shots, (there are still some after shots down there that I plan on re-doing again. and probably again.) But at least there’s improvement. (I’m just hoping you know which side is the before, and which is the after…)


Chef Salad

manly penne

fried rice

Tomato Spinach Pasta

Beef Stew

Alright, I’ll wrap this up but, but, if you’re reading this, then you’ve been a huge part of this past year for me- even if it’s your first time here. I can’t wait to keep making improvements every day and I hope I’ll see you back here again. Have a safe and happy holiday and let’s have a great 2015… so that in one year we can all once again reflect back on how far we’ve come : )

And speaking of which, I’d love for you to share what has changed for you this year! Did you get married? Get pregnant? Have a baby? Become a grandparent, godparent, aunt, or uncle? Retire? Go back to school? Graduate? Change jobs? Buy a new car? Change your haircut? Learn a new skill? Get a new hobby? I want to HEAR IT!! Share and be proud! : )