Christmas Tree Cheese Platter & Holiday Party

Christmas Tree Cheese Platter

HI BLOG!! I haven’t seen you in a while, sorrryy! It’s the holidays, they’ll getcha. We had our annual Christmas party last night and it was SO much fun. Getting together with good friends during the holiday season.. it doesn’t get much better than that! I saw a festive Christmas Tree cheese platter on Pinterest and just had to try making one 🙂 It’s very easy to mimic the shape and you can get creative with it- so much more fun than slicing up cheese and putting them on a plate like I normally do. A few other festive ideas… I got some cute green and red gumballs at iparty and put them in margarita glasses 🙂

DSC_0447We had a few pregnant ladies in attendance and I’d imagine that the food and drink restrictions that come along with that, (especially given the HUGE cold cut platter that I had…) must make it a little less enjoyable than it is for the rest of us. So I thought that a few holiday flowers for each of the ladies would brighten up their night a little bit extra, and it makes the place look beautiful!

Holiday Flowers

For food, we served a bunch of hot and cold appetizers, along with a cold cut platter with little sub rolls and condiments next to it so that people could make their own sandwiches. It’s so much easier than pre-making the sandwiches and this way people can have exactly what they want 🙂 We also served pigs in a blanket, (always a HUGE crowd favorite)… along with these appetizers:

Phew! I can’t even say what the crowd favorite was from all of these, because it’s all gone! We had some desserts too, including classic chocolate chip cookies and butter pecan cheesecake squares  . Finally, we needed to provide some entertainment, Toby was certainly up for the job!

"When is everyone getting here?!"

“I sing a mean jingle bells”

We allowed everyone to bring their own pups too- which always makes things more fun (& interesting!) 🙂 What are your favorite holiday festivities with friends & family?! I’d love to hear them! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!