8 Ways to Avoid Over-Eating at the Office

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First of all, a big SHOUT OUT to all of my office workers out there!! I know you’re there…this is where we’ve formed a bond, see. We both work all the time, and we both enjoy a nice meal at the end of the day. High five.

(And if instead you happen to be retired, a student, homemaker, or non-office worker, we all still love to eat and that’s an unbreakable bond anyway)- so basically we’re all BFF’s.

So I need to share one of my biggest struggles with being in an office all day. FOOD. It’s SOOO hard not to eat ALL. day. long. A few crackers here… a little vending machine snack there…. and unfortunately, it all adds up. And my pants can feel it. And with colder weather coming, I’m kind of going to need to be able to fit into my pants.


So I wrote an article over at DealsPlus.Com to share some tips on coping with this problem. Check it out, I hope it help- and please! Feel free to share some workday eating struggles here! We’re in it together- I want to hear from you!