25 (Delicious) Avocado Recipes


Hello, and good day friends! Today, I feel the need to commemorate my love for the fruit we all know as the Avocado. There are so many stinkin’ things you can make with those juicy green balls of deliciousness. Soups, salads, dressings, even desserts! I could look at avocado recipes all day- but for now, we’ll stick with 25 of them. That’s a good solid number, right? So lay back, relax, and enjoy scrolling through Avocado heaven with me.

PS- A special thank you to my fellow bloggers for offering up these fine recipes for this Avocado roundup, you guys are all the BEST, and very talented 🙂 CHEERS!

Let’s start with a little breakfast…

My middle school BFF Tracy, from , god love her. She’s from ServedFromScratch.com and she  makes everything from SCRATCH (…what, did the name give it away?)

She even makes CHEESE for god’s sake! We’re talkin’ cream cheese, feta, mozzarella, paneer, ricotta, the WORKS.

…Crap. We’re here to talk about Avocados. I forgot. Well what better way to go than to fill them up with freshly baked EGGS!? She’ll give you ALL of the step by step pics you need to get this done and you’ll have the best breakfast evaaaaa…avocado-baked-eggs

What’s a breakfast without some hash?! And not just any hash- sweet potato hash! I have to admit, I usually go with russet potatoes but I love the idea of mixing it up a bit. And that egg yolk looks PERFECT- that, is how I like my eggs. And of course it’s all topped with fresh avocado slices. I’m drooling. Thank you FoxValleyFoodie.com .


Alright we’ve had eggs, we’ve had hash, why not add a muffin too?! DivasRunForBling.com has baked some insanely delicious looking blueberry avocado muffins- I need… a bite….


How about an Appetizer?

I’ve gotta admit, me likes my fries. Check out these avocado fries from GoGoGoGourmet.com! Have you ever seen anything so appetizing!? Never.


On to the salad course…

Not so fast! What are we going to top our salads with!? I’ll have me some Avocado Cilantro Lime Salad Dressing from TheWholesomeDish.com! Alright, now we’re talkin’ …


You know what’d be perfect with that Salad Dressing?! A grilled Chicken Club Salad! Hass Avocados themselves retweeted this recipe from BeyondMereSustenance.com –and I can see why! How good does that look?!


I love salad- let’s have more! Like this Avocado Chickpea Salad from HurryTheFoodUp.com ! (HA, love that name.) Oh, and their pictures are the kind I can just stare at, like a creep. But aside from that, their recipes are always healthy and vegetarian. This recipe in particular outlines the many health benefits that come from Avocados. (SCORE, now I just need someone to lay a list like that out for me about cheese.)


And now, the soup course!

MMM… Persimmons Kale Avocado Soup from Kiipfit.com First, a description for you: “Persimmons fruit and Kale green leaves simmered together in a vegetable stock with a hint of garlic and creamed with avocado” –Ummmmm slab a bib on me and let’s DO this. I’ve never heard of Persimmons before but this sounds DELISH- I’m in.


…You know what I like with my soup? BREAD. This Grilled Avocado Cperese Crostini from CafeDelites.com might just be the most picture perfect piece of food ever- no?!


And now… the maiiiiiiiin event!!!

SOOOOUND the trumpets!! (Dump D’DAAA!) My friend Amanda, the TheChunkyChef, has made us the most delicious, mouthwatering, colorful, festive bowl, of blackened tilapia! (With avocado of course).

As if this picture isn’t proof enough, TRY going to her site and see how long it takes for your stomach to growl obnoxiously. (Warning: Do not try this in a quiet place with lots of people: trust me.) Amanda, this one is picture perfect my friend!


I’m not full yet though. And sometimes, you just need a burger, am I right?! And  Chilipeppermadness.com has brought us a goat cheese guacamole burger (holy moly). And it’s topped with jalapenos, ooohh man… to my face…. Let’s go…


Okay. I’m rollin’ out the red carpet for the next one from CuriousCuisiniere.com … can you guess why?

Ch-ch-cheeeese… MAC and cheese… with Avocado. O-M-G. Would it be wrong to leave my own Avocado party early? Like…. Now?

Kay, so … yeah… gotta go…


Save room for Dessert!

Okay fine I’m back. I heard the word dessert.

TaskingPage.com has managed to turn an avocado into a sensuous (yes, sensuous) dessert- I LOVE mousse! MMMM, Avocado Banana Cacao Mouse… I don’t think I deserve this! (But I’m having it anyway)


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